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How to cook some of the most Thai famous food with Chef Jet Tila.

"Pork Jerky Sticky Rice"

"PAD Thai"

"Pineapple Fried Rice"

Royal Thai Consulate General Los Angeles together with Thai Trade and Chef Jet Tila present a Thai cooking VDO for Pat Thai’s lovers.
Let’s make it a recipe challenge – You can do it! At home. Let us know by posting your “Pad Thai” picture in comment. We would love to see how you cook it.
Recipe here:
Here ‘s the links for the brands of Thai products and Thai Markets in the West Coast.
Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles, the Office of International Trade Promotion, Los Angeles, and a Thai-American celebrity Chef Jet Tilakamonkul (Jet Tila) produced 3 Thai cooking demonstration videos – Pad Thai, Pork Jerky with Sticky Rice, and Pineapple Fried Rice – using authentic Thai ingredients.  
Thai food products available in the West Coast and where to find them.

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