Thai Identification FAQ

What documents are required? If you want to get help from the Department of Defense

Answer A copy of ID card of the petitioner and the person suffering (if any) or a copy of the passport of the suffering person. House registration documents Copy the document to confirm that. Relative to those who wish to ask for Thai help abroad and submit additional documents as follows:

  • If you are looking for a relative abroad, please give the last name or contact number of the contact
    person. Want to find Or the name of the foreign spouse. Or other documents that will be helpful in tracing the relatives of a person
  • In case of death abroad should give their names – who are deceased, cause of death (if known) for the management. Dead body Relatives must come directly to the protection department to make a power of attorney for funeral arrangements, such as burnt or sent to Thailand.
  • Thai workers face accidents Proof of employment Evidence of payroll
  • If you want to track money in general. Or the replacement of waste. You should bring your marriage certificate, death certificate, document of benefits (if any)
If Thai people living abroad are arrested and have no bail costs Consulate-General Can I pay for it?

Answer to back pay to help Thailand’s Ministry of Finance will need to meet with the government to advance. Help Thai people abroad in 1998 criminal case 2. The other expenses, which are not required to be paid for the purpose of bail and the provisions in the regulations. Protection and care of Thai people abroad in the service topic. Or assistance that the consular officer can not provide.

In case of suffering abroad If there is no charge, will it be responsible?

Answer It is universal and universal. Those who travel abroad will be responsible for themselves first, however, in case of emergency and can not help themselves. Including relatives in Thailand are poor. The government does not have the money to pay the expenses. By relatives You have to make a debt contract. And reimbursement agreements With the government In accordance with the rules prescribed in the Ministry of Finance. With advance payment to support Thai people abroad in 2006.

If Thai prisoners want the Consulate General To visit?

Answer I’ve embassy consular rights under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations to visit. Thai nationals are controlled. Or confined Include conversation and contact with Thai people who are detained, and also provide a lawyer if you have questions. For more information, please contact Protection Consulate General in Los Angeles Phone numbers (323) 962-9574 ext. 224 and 216.

Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles

Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles