Emergency Passport

1. Emergency passport is a travel document issued to Thai nationals who have emergency travel, but do not have passport and cannot wait to receive a regular full validity passport before travelling or whose passports are lost, damaged, or expired. He/ She must be able to submit sufficient proof of Thai nationality to be eligible to apply for emergency passport

2. In some case, Thai immigration officer will conduct a nationality interview with the holder of emergency passport at the port of entry into Thailand.

3. Emergency passport takes approximately 10 – 15 business days to process from the date on which the Royal Thai Consulate-General receives the request with all required and completed document (excluding mailing time to return the document). emergency passport can be requested through the following methods:

    • Apply in person at Royal Thai Consulate-General (In-Person Services Temporarily Suspended), or
    • By mail

5. Document required for emergency passport are (Download all forms):

    • Three (3) copies of Emergency passport application form  (For your convenience, you may complete the form and make two copies of it. If applying by mail, your signature in the application form must be notarized)
    • Inquiry report and its three (3) copies  (For your convenience, you may complete the form and make two copies of it.)
    • Current passport (original) and three (3) copies of first page
    • Three (3) copies of Thai ID card or Thai House Registration book
    • Three (3) copies of airline ticket
    • Three (3) copies of signed letter explaining reasons for emergency travel. 
    • For lost and stolen passports, U.S. police report and its three (3) copies
    • Four (4) 2 inch by 2 inch identical color photos with white background. Face must be looking straight at the camera with no tilt. Dressing must be in an appropriate manner. All shirts or tops must be long sleeved. Avoid tanks tops, hats, sunglasses or reflective eyewear. Slight smile without showing teeth is acceptable. The photos should not be more than six (6) months old and those taken at photo-booths are not accepted. The back of the photos must include applicant’s name and last name. (Three (3) photos will be used as part of completing application form and one (1) photo will be used as photo on emergency passport)

6. Apply by mail Applicant and/ or person giving consent must sign the application form in front of the Notary Public officer and get their signatures notarized before mailing.

    • Please prepare three (3) sets of the following document accordingly:
      • Signed letter explaining reasons for emergency travel
      • Copy of airline ticket
      • Completed application form with attached photo
      • Copy of passport
      • Copy of Thai ID card or Thai House Registration book
      • Inquiry report
    • The envelop sent to the Royal Thai Consulate-General therefore must contain the followings:
      • Three (3) sets of above-mention documents
      • Passport
      • One (1) photo for photo on Emergency passport
      • Priority Mail Express envelope with stamp affixed (Meter Stamps are not accepted) with applicant’s name and address on it for the Royal Thai Consulate General to mail it back.
    • Royal Thai Consulate-General’s mailing address:
             Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles
             Passport Section (Emergency passport)
             611 N. Larchmont Blvd., 2 nd Floor
             Los Angeles, CA 90004

7.How to fill out and sign the required document

    • Page 1: Emergency passport Application Form
      • Name and last name must be identical to Thai House Registration book or latest Thai identity document. Other required details must be filled out correctly and completely in Thai.
      • Signature must be put in English (not printed name) in the signature boxes located in the top of the page. Signatures should not cross or touch any lines that bound it and must be identical. If you cannot sign your name in English, sign it in Thai. Left thumb impression is also acceptable.
      • Signature under photo must be in Thai. If you cannot sign your name in Thai, sign it in English. Left thumb impression is also acceptable.
    • Page 2: Contract of agreement for damage compensation for overseas travel
      • Fill in the name of the traveler (person requesting a emergency passport) and fill in the overseas address. Signature must be provided in the box saying “Signature of Traveler” at the bottom of the contract.
      • If the traveler is minor (under 20 years old), incompetent person, or person with disability, guardian (both father and mother, or legal guardian) must put signature in the “consentor” box.
    • Page 3: Notary Acknowledgement Form for mail-in Application
      • Sign the forms in front of the Notary Public officer to notarize signature.
        For mail-in application ONLY.
Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles

Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles