e-Visa and Certificate of Entry (COE) arrangement

Step 1 – Study the category of eligible person to enter Thailand. (During COVID-19) 

            – AQ reservation        

            – Flight reservation    

Step 2 – e-Visa application     

Step 3 – COE application      

Step 4 – Download ThailandPlus application.      

Step 5 – Prepare require documents prior to departure.   


Please read the
following regulations applied during COVID-19 situation until further notice. 

e-Visa and COE processing time is 15 business day

Incomplete information will cause a delay in your applications. 

By virtue of Section 9 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations B.E. 2548 (2005)
and Section 11 of the State Administration Act B.E. 2534 (1991), the entry to Thailand is permitted for particular persons
in the exempted list. The list for non-Thai nationals includes the following:

Diplomats and International Organizations Officers    
        Persons on diplomatic or consular missions or under International organizations, or representatives of
        foreign governments or agencies performing their duties in Thailand, or any other persons in
        international agencies, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives permission pertaining to necessity,
        including their spouse, parents, or children.   
(3)    Diplomats and Officials
(D / F / NON F)  (click here


Family of Thai Nationals   
         Non-Thai nationals who are spouses, parents, or children of Thai nationals.
(6)    Family of Thai Nationals (NON – O)   (click here)


Certificate of Residence Holders   
         Non-Thai nationals who have a certificate of residence, or have been permitted to take up residency
         in the Kingdom; 
(7)    Certificate of Residence Holders 
 (NON – O)   (click here)


Business Work Permit & Family   
         Non-Thai nationals who have a work permit or have been granted permission to work in the Kingdom
         in accordance with Thai laws, including their spouses or children;
(8)     Work permit holders or granted permission to work in Thailand  (NON-B / IB / SMART Visa)  (click here)
(8)    Spouses or Children or Work Permit Holders (NON-O) 
(8)    Work permit holders – Religious / Missionary works (NON-R)  (click here)
(8)    Work permit holders – Volunteers or NGOs  (click here)
(11)   Elite – Thailand Elite Card Member (Elite)  (click here)
(11)   APEC – APEC Card Holder (APEC)  (click here) 


         Non-Thai nationals who are students of educational establishments in Thailand approved by Thai authorities,
         including their parents or guardians, except for students of non-formal schools in accordance with laws
         on private schools or of any other similar private educational establishments;
(9)     Students (NON-ED)   
(click here)
(9)    Students (Parents / Guardians) (NON-O) 
(11)  Studying, training, or do internship or attending religious activities in Thailand (NON-ED) 


Medical Appointment  – Suspended – 
        Non-Thai nationals who need to receive medical treatment in Thailand, including their accompanying persons,
        except for treatment for COVID-19;
(10)  Foreigner with Medical Appointment (TR-MT)   (click here
(10)  Accompany person of foreigners with Medical Appointment  (NON-O) 


Long Stay
(11)   Long Stay visitor (NON-O)    (click here)
(11)   Long Stay retirement  (up to 1 year)  (NON-OA)    (click here)
(11)   Long Stay retirement  (up to 5 years)  (NON-OX)   (click here)


Medium Term 
(11)    Visa exemption scheme  (Exempt)   (click here)  
(11)    Medium Term  Visitor  – Tourist visa (TR – single entry only)      (click here)
(11)    Medium Term  Visitor  – Businessman and Investor  (NON-B)    (click here)


Tourist / Sport / Film 
(9)     Transit/Transfer Passengers at Suvarnabhumi International Airport  (click here) 
(11)    Special Tourist visa (STV)  (click here)
(11)    Approved Film Crew Member (NON-M)  (click here)



Non-Thais are required to arrange their own AQ facility. 

List of government-designated Alternative Quarantine (AQ) facility
for 14-day State Quarantine  –  (Click here)

Golf Quarantine will be suspended from 1 May 2021 until further notice. 



Regarding flights to Thailand, please be advised that normal commercial passenger flights into Thailand
have been suspended until further notice. 

Semi-Commercial Flight 

(For the availability and flights information, please contact the airlines directly)

At present, certain air operators are permitted to operate semi-commercial flights to Thailand, Cilck here

Before booking flights to Thailand with the above-mentioned air operators, travelers should ensure that
they study the different categories of visas granted to foreign nationals at this time to determine
the possibility of travel.

Please note that having plane tickets does not guarantee entry to Thailand,
non-Thai travelers must have all the required documents to enter Thailand.



FAQ for Non-Thais wishing to enter Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic


Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles

Royal Thai Consulate-General, Los Angeles